Cannabis Consumption Methods

It’s 2020 which means the future of cannabis has arrived. Whether you’re new to the scene or have been smoking since the last century, it’s safe to say there is a cannabis product for everyone. However, with variety comes variability, so read on to learn about cannabis consumption methods and to see which one(s) are right for you.


It’s no mystery why smoking flower remains one of the most popular methods of consumption. Lighting up and inhaling some fresh bud results in an almost immediate high which varies depending on the type of flower being smoked. Smoking flower allows the user to smell, feel and taste the bud, which increases the connection and experience. Intoxication is typically felt immediately to fifteen minutes and can last up to three hours. All cannabis consumption methods start with flower.


Everybody loves a good joint, even more so when it burns evenly and buds don’t end up in your mouth. Introducing pre-rolls, high quality flower that has been broken down and rolled into an impeccable cannabis cigarette or blunt. Variety of strengths and strains available.


Brownies, gummies, chocolates, oh my! Cannabis oil can be infused into almost every type of edible ranging from sweets like candy and mints, to savory foods like popcorn and hot sauce. Since edibles pass through your digestive system, they can take up to two hours to take effect and can last up to six hours, so make sure to start low and go slow. Effects vary based on the concentration, quantity, as well as time of day they are consumed. For beginners, we recommend starting with no more than 2.5mg-5mg. Remember, you can always eat more!


Beverages are the new edibles, but with a twist. Drinkables typically use a different infusion method than edibles resulting in faster onset so they feel more like an alcoholic drink. One cannabis drink tends to be 5-10mg, so make sure to read the label, drink slowly, or dilute with a mixer to make your own personal cannabis cocktail!


Vaping is the method of smoking heated cannabis vapor through a non-combusting apparatus (like an e-cigarette, but with cannabis). While the immediate onset of effects is similar to smoking, vaping can be a great consumption method for patients with weakened respiratory systems who are averse to traditional smoking. Pre-filled vape cartridges paired with reusable batteries make it easy for anyone to access this discrete consumption method.


Extracts are the potent remains after the leafy plant matter has been removed, leaving behind a waxy, sticky mixture of concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. Most extracts are consumed via dabbing in order to receive the full medicinal effects, in which the concentrate is applied to heat and converted to a vapor. Extracts are ideal for high tolerance patients as it requires specific hardware, or those with more serious health conditions who benefit from higher, immediate doses of cannabinoids.


Tinctures are cannabis in liquid form mixed with alcohol, coconut oil, or other essential oils to create a desired potency, flavor and effect. Tinctures are a great way to experiment with personal cannabis tolerance as it is easy to measure milligram dosage and make adjustments as needed. Sublingual (under the tongue) consumption leads to ten to twenty minute onset which can last for about two hours. Tinctures can also be swallowed or added to a beverage, in which the effects will feel more like an edible. These oils tend to range in strength; anywhere from one drop to one full dropper can be the correct target dosage, so make sure to read individual instructions on the product label. Great for microdosing THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoid.


Often used as a healthier and safer alternative to smoking or eating edibles, capsules are a recommended consumption method for those looking for deep, long lasting relief. Gel caps filled with concentrated cannabis oil travel through the digestive system releasing beneficial cannabinoids to specific areas of the body in need. The potency and purpose of capsules can range from pain relieving, energizing, relaxation, and more.


Topicals come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from balms and lotions, to patches and even gel pens. Topicals are ideal for fast acting, targeted relief of pain and inflammation and they are utilized by applying directly to the skin. Many topicals contain non-cannabis ingredients like shea butter, peppermint and lavender that increase the overall therapeutic effects. Topicals do not typically cause psychoactivity, however Transdermal products do pass into the bloodstream and can cause intoxication, so make sure to ask your Budtender about a specific product you’re interested in.

Have questions? Please contact talk to our team to discuss which method is right for you!