Elevate Your Purchase: Support Community at Heat & Herb

Here at Heat and Herb we believe that businesses have a responsibility to use their resources for good, to improve their communities and inspire others to do the same. We’re honored you’ve chosen to purchase high quality cannabis products from us so we wanted to let you know all of the amazing initiatives you’re contributing to by doing so.


At the heart of Heat and Herb is a knowledgeable team with varied backgrounds to ensure that all members of our community feel welcomed and supported. Together our incredible team of certified professionals, Registered Social Workers, Clinical Counselors, Human Resource Specialists and Licensed Nurse Practitioners have inspired, educated, and motivated us to pursue community outreach like no other retail business has before.

Group Counseling

Counseling is a vital resource that we believe all should have access to. Our staff have created a series of workshops designed to facilitate a genuine and non-judgemental group environment that is confidential, informative, and collaborative. The core of this work is an understanding that all humans are capable of creating new, sustainable patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. In these groups our Registered Clinical Counsellor will discuss topics such as anxiety, PTSD, and existentialism, to name a few.

Women’s Empowerment

Our Women’s Empowerment program offers a safe space for women to reflect on their personal experiences and discover their strength that lives within. The program is beneficial for women seeking to find their voice and become empowered in their bodies. This program is a six week, six session series that will build skills and allow for safe self expression, and will of course be facilitated by a professional.


Our team also consists of Certified Yoga Practitioners who have designed classes suitable for all level students. The classes range in style and include Kundalini (energizing, dynamic breathwork), Hatha (deep but slow), and Vinyasa (fluid, connecting body and breath). We welcome all level Yogis to attend!

Transitional Employment

Heat and Herb’s Transitional Employment program is led by a Human Resource Specialist who provides vocational rehabilitation support to individuals seeking employment, resume building, and access to available, aligned job opportunities. The program is available to anyone who needs guidance and support to integrate back into the workforce. H+H is an all-inclusive zone and we warmly welcome all genders, disabilities, races, etc, into our community. The goal of the program is to encourage and advocate for those who may not have access to a career network otherwise. It will help to build the skills necessary for all phases of the job search ranging from interviewing to maintaining a successful role.


In addition to the various social programs above, we at Heat and Herb care greatly about our environment and reducing our impact on it. We are committed to off-setting our carbon footprint and strive to be carbon neutral by 2021, and we’re already making the effort. With every purchase made at H+H, no matter the value, we will plant a tree! Now you can save trees while you smoke them. We also make a conscious effort to support local farmers and choose brands that align with our values, prioritizing energy/resource efficient grow facilities and sustainable packaging.

We believe that one of the most powerful practices for purpose-led companies is shared value. Implementing shared value will help us improve social, environmental, and economic conditions by leveraging our core business and its assets to create positive change. Community and sustainability are our core values and we couldn’t complete our mission without you, so thank you for your continued support. Have ideas about a cool community program, or know of a sustainable brand we should know about? Shoot us an email at hello@heatandherb.com, we’d love to hear it.