Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms is a cannabis cultivation company that brings 25 years of growing experience to the table. Located in British Columbia, our greenhouse has been producing for decades and now we're bringing sun-loved BC cannabis into your life!

We love plants - especially marijuana! We handpick mother plants from hundreds of choices, looking for flavours with potency so you can enjoy an uncompromising approach by our diverse team who's combined got 175 years' worth of knowledge about how it should be done right.

Pure Sunfarms is a subsidiary of Village Farms International, Inc. "VFF", a Canadian integrated greenhouse produce company that is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and the Nasdaq Global Market (symbol: VFF).

About Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sunfarms Corp has been growing cannabis for decades with a legacy of BC cultivation experience. Their knowledge in greenhouse growth and sunlight-filled modern greenhouses makes them the perfect grower to ensure you know what quality product looks like, tastes like, feels like - all grown by people who care about their craft!

Pure Sunfarms corp is known across Canada as one of our nation's most reliable growers because they have years upon years worth of expertise when it comes to producing high-quality food crops. The Pure team will take any strain that thrives under bright lights and healthy air (just ask these guys!) ensuring each customer gets only top grade marijuana every time without fail.

Pure Sunfarms White Rhino

White Rhino is a classic BC bud, cultivated in the Gulf Islands before it became popular across Canada. An indica-dominant child of White Widow, Pure Sunfarms' phenotype has been grown in British Columbia for over 10 years and was originally bred to grow indoors with little outdoor exposure.

Is white rhino Indica or Sativa?

White Rhino is a hybrid marijuana strain that packs an aggressive punch and has been known to knock out users with its potent effects.

The White Rhino, also sometimes called the "White Widow Killer" by smokers who have experienced it first hand, provides an intense high that can be overwhelming for some people. 1 in 3 new white rhino growers report having at least one plant die during their flowering stage because of too much heat or light exposure (according to Leafly). The potency comes from North American Indica genetics which teaches us how resilient this cannabis type really is when exposed to adverse weather conditions like colder temperatures!

Pure Sunfarms Afghan Kush

Pure Sunfarms' Afghan Kush is a potent indica-dominant heirloom flower found in the Hindu Kush mountain region of Central and Southern Asia. This building block for many today's popular Kush varieties, including Pure Sunfarms' very own Afghani Blackberry Strawberry strain which combines fruity flavors with strong body highs to make for an excellent hybrid experience that can be tailored to your particular needs.

How long does Afghan Kush high last?

Afghan Kush, also known as “Afghan OG” is a strain of marijuana that was brought over from the Hindu Kush mountain range. The effects are typical to an indica and last for 2-3 hours. Originally classified as easy to grow by experts there have been many growers who disagree with this classification because they find it hard work maintaining these plants indoors or outdoors in general due to their mass size.

Are you looking for Pure Sunfarms?

Pure Sunfarms is the world’s first cannabis company to be certified organic by OCIA International. We are committed to providing our customers with safe, clean and sustainable products.We have a team of experts diligently working on this dream.

Unfortunately, as your business scales there is less time for everything else you need to do to grow your company - marketing and sales are high up on that list of things needing attention but unfortunately not everyone is up for the challenge.

You deserve the best. That's why we offer various pure sunfarms products that will satisfy any lifestyle and budget. Whether you want something affordable or high-end, we have it all here for you at your fingertips. And don't forget about our customer service - they're always available 24/7 if you need help choosing which product is right for you!

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