Redecan – Licensed Producer Review

If you are looking for a quality cannabis brand in Canada, Redecan is one of the Licensed Producers that is leading the charge. Their innovative products have been making waves within the recreational cannabis space since they launched in 2014.

Redecan was actually one of the first Licensed Producers to receive Health Canada approval to grow cannabis in Canada. In May of 2021, Redecan was acquired by Hexo for over $925M. And it’s no wonder they went for such a massive amount. Below you will find some more interesting factors and our honest review of this amazing licensed producer brand in Canada.

Redecan Products

Redecan currently has 6 product categories:

Cannabis Flower

The Redecan website states that their “dry flower is grown using natural growing methods in our purpose-built greenhouses. Their unique growing process is what sets our flower apart. Whether it is a hard-hitting Cold Creek Kush, or a dank Wappa, our Evergreen strains have something for everyone”.

Redecan currently has 8 strains that they produce. These include:

  1. Wappa
  2. Cold Creek Kush
  3. Outlaw
  4. God Bud
  5. Lilac Diesel
  6. Black Cherry Punch
  7. Charlees
  8. Sour Diesel


Redecan makes really cool cannabis gel capsules that they call “gems”. Redecan’s Gems are a perfect way to discreetly consume pre-dosed oil in an oil capsule format. Gems are made with responsibly sourced MCT oil and encased in gelatin capsules that are produced in-house.

These gems come in a few varieties that range in CBD to THC ratio and strength.


Processed using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction technology, Redecan’s Reign drops are very popular for their potency and purity and custom dose delivery. These Reign drops are extremely popular as they contain the highest purity oil on the market in Canada. Like the Gems listed above, these tinctures come in varying ratios of CBD and THC.


This is by far our favourite product lineup out of all of Redecan’s products. Redees by Redecan are an unparalleled pre-roll experience. Thoughtfully designed in a unique straight-roll, Redees are a personal sized 10-pack that’s compact and convenient. Not only are these super close to actual “cigarettes”, they have sort of taste that is similar. There is no nicotine or tobacco in these of course, but the rolling papers and machines used help mimic the experience.

The Redecan Redees come in a bunch of different varieties including:

  1. Wappa Redees
  2. Cold Creek Kush Redees
  3. God Bud Redees
  4. Outlaw Redees
  5. Shishkaberry Redees
  6. Lilac Diesel Redees
  7. Black Cherry Punch Redees
  8. Redecan King Pack Redees


Redecan vapes are available in either 510-threaded cartridges or disposable pens, are pre-filled with our high-quality THC distillate, and infused with a botanical terpene profile for a signature, strain-inspired flavour. These vapes were some of the first to come on the market when vapes were legalized later on in 2019.

Redebles Gummies

Redebles by Redecan are made using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction technology, combined with natural flavours to provide a premium and consistent edible experience. The fully automated production process ensures consistency in formulation and dispersion of THC throughout each gummy. Redecan’s signature, crown-shaped gummies contain locally sourced ingredients, contain no animal products, and are developed in collaboration with cannabis extract and food industry experts to bring Redecan’s high-quality cannabis to edibles.

Where to Buy Redecan Products

Now that we’ve gone through the product highlights for Redecan, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hand on these products for recreational use. If you are in British Columbia, Heat and Herb has multiple cannabis store locations that you can stop by and purchase these products for yourself.

If you are looking to get local weed delivery, we also offer free same day weed delivery if you spend over $30 with us. You can actually order Redecan products online straight from our website as well for both pickup and local weed delivery too.

Concluding Thoughts

Since starting 4 years prior to recreational cannabis legalization in Canada, Redecan has paved the way and set the standard for quality legal cannabis products. Their vast product lineup hits all the pain points that you may have when looking for cannabis products. They aren’t too convoluted in number, but perfectly selected for every kind of cannabis enthusiast. Even if you’re a newcomer to the world of cannabis, we highly recommend checking them out.

It will be interesting to see where this brand goes now that they have been acquired by Hexo. Will they be able to sustain their legendary legacy? Only time will tell. But for now, there’s no better brand that we could vouch for.