Shop Legal: The Truth About the Illicit Cannabis Market

With the rise of cannabis demand comes of course the rise of supply, but unfortunately not all parties involved care about the end user’s (your) wellbeing. There is a reason why cannabis sold on the illicit market is up to 70% cheaper than legal outlets, because you get what you pay for. Make sure to shop legal, as the illicit cannabis market could be harming your health as well as the planet.


In the legal market there are numerous checks and balances in place making sure that companies are held to a certain standard, a high one. For example, edibles in the legal market are required to be 10mg or fewer per serving, meaning that the chances of a bad trip are minimal. Legal manufacturers also list product ingredients on the packaging, including any allergies or dietary restrictions. If you buy a brownie on the illicit market, there is no way to know what’s inside.


This is probably the most important reason to buy legal cannabis. Each batch of flower is required to go through rigorous testing to make sure it is free from pesticides, mold, and other harmful chemicals. Labs also test to see exactly how much THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids exist in that batch, guaranteeing that you know exactly what you are consuming! The illicit market provides zero guarantee; the packaging is disconnected from the product so there is no accountability as to what it contains. When you shop at H+H you can rest assured that your medicine has passed these tests and we can even provide you specific test results if you’d like to see them.


When buying from the illicit market there is no way to know where or how your flower, edibles, vapes, etc, were made and manufactured. Just like you care about where your everyday products come from, it’s important to know how your purchase is affecting the supply chain. Are you supporting a small business by shopping from a legal shop? Or are you increasing the demand for overseas shipments, unsustainable grow facilities, employee abuse, and illegal behavior?


Lastly, buying legal and local means supporting your community. Not only are you supporting the retailer, but you’re supporting the small brand behind your favorite new tincture, the independent graphic designer they hired for their package, and most importantly the small farmers that they source their cannabis from. The legal cannabis industry was built (is being built) on incredible artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs who want to deliver high quality, medicinal products to market, and are only able to continue with support from the consumers.

Heat and Herb strives to support local brands and farmers who align with our values. We choose companies that enforce workplace equality, sustainable growing and the highest quality ingredients. If you’ve been shopping on the illicit market, it could be harming your health, so we hope you’ll visit Heat and Herb and try the legal market out for size!