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Heat & Herb Presents: The Highway Ep.3 - JBUDS + PISTOL & PARIS

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Welcome back fellow travellers to ‘Highlights’ your written recap of The Highway Podcast! 

The 🛣️ road trip continues as we journey to sunny ☀️Summerland, BC! 

Home of the next Heat + Herb location as well as premiere micro-cultivators Jbuds Cannabis – the team behind 🚁 Pistol & Paris’ latest 🔥 drop of Orange Tingz 🍊. 

In this episode we bring you exclusive 🎥 footage of the 🪴 grow, intercut with a sit down 🎙️ interview featuring Dylan King of 🚁 Pistol & Paris – alongside father and son team Bob & Noah Johnson of Jbuds Cannabis. 

So, buckle up fellow travellers and let’s roll!

The program begins with mature content and an age restriction disclaimer.

This written recap is also intended for mature audiences, and also restricted to 19+, capiche? 

With hosts from Heat + Herb: 
Mike Bains (Product Procurement & Operations)
Instagram: @beanbag1620
Twitter: @pacificcraft420
Gary Sidhu 
(Summerland General Manager)
Instagram: @cannasidhu

And Guests From Jbuds: 

Bob Johnson

Noah Johnson 


From Pistol & Paris: 

Dylan King


Topics in order of discussion:

Part 1 🪑 Sit down 🎙️ Interview

  • Introductions
  • Noah’s Age
  • Lights and Growing Medium
  • Facility Vibes 
  • 🍊 Orange Tingz
  • Jbuds’ Growing Experience
  • Setting the Bar/Living up to Expectations
  • Gary w/ the 🐔 📝 Chicken Scratch
  • Jbuds Biggest Challenge After Being Licensed
  • Mike gives his Product Pitch
  • Challenges with Instagram/ Legal Restrictions
  • Pistol & Paris’ Future Plans
  • Heat + Herb ☀️Summerland

Part 2 – Jbuds Facility Visit 

  • Pre-grow Room
  • Entering the Grow Room
  • Coco Coir Growing Bags
  • Hang Dry Length + Flushing
  • Packaging, Dylan’s Preference for Jars
  • Jbuds Quality Level with Less Than 2 Years Experience
  • Outside Session 
  • Outro


We bust into our 📺 intro which highlights 🎞️ footage from the current season. The moving 🚗 vehicle icon on the 🗺️ map shows as previously noted that we are back in ☀️Summerland. 



“Alright, sweet. Let’s getter going” 

Mike claps his 👏🏾 hands, pauses, and asks:

“What are we calling this again? – The Highway” 

Mike clasps his 👏🏾 hands again as he laughs 😆 saying:

“Welcome back to 🛣️ The Highway – I guess we’re all high for 🛣️ The Highway’. 

The group 😆🤣😂 laughs as he continues with introductions:

” [We’re] here with Jbuds and 🚁 Pistol and Paris” 

Mike motions to the two people sitting across from him. 

“We got Noah and Bob from Jbuds and Dylan from 🚁 Pistol & Paris. Just had an awesome tour of their facility here in ☀️Summerland. We are currently sitting in the unopened Heat + Herb – opening soon, but man did we just get to see some reeky reeky weed. Citrus 🍊, gas ⛽ – all over the place, beautifully grown by Noah. yeah just introduce yourself a little – what you do at the shop and uh yeah”

The younger of the two guests from Jbuds introduces himself first. 


“Yeah, I’m Noah. Pretty much. I work at Jbuds with my whole family right now, and uh right now my job is Master Grower, pretty much. So, I do most of the plant maintenance and everything. Scrogging, planting the plants and cleaning and prepping rooms, pretty much. It’s quite a job”

Mike agrees saying:

“Yeah, all the important stuff” 

Dylan nods:

“Yeah, for sure” 


“We get some good help in there. I get a couple 🤝🏼 buddies in there to help me out, and some good trained guys and we just have fun doing it, pretty much. Trying to make everyday fun” 

Mike drops a Jbuds testimonial :

“Nice, that’s awesome. I just want to stop the interview already and just say that you guys gotta watch out for this kid because he’s coming man. He’s growing some fire 🔥 herb and just the way he spoke about the plant and the care and cleanliness of this facility was above and beyond. I’ve been to a lot of spots – but watch out for Jbuds. Sorry to interrupt, but I just had to drop that, man”

Dylan also is impressed by Noah:

“Very impressive” 

Mike continues:

“You’re doing some awesome work, I’m really hyped to get this next drop. And Bob here also at Jbuds, tells me he’s only technical support, but I don’t believe him. (😆 laughs)” 

Bob chuckles saying:

“Yeah, well I’m Bob, Noah’s Dad and we work pretty closely together as a family unit” 


“Yeah, nice” 

Bob further explains:

“So I’m his technical support. He brings me in when he needs things that are needing some assistance, but all-in-all he runs the back end. The numbers of times he 📞 calls on me is becoming less and less all the time” 

Mike speaking from personal experience:

“Nice, that’s so awesome! Great to see the family run business. It must be amazing to be able to work with your Dad – it’s such a great feeling” 

Noah’s Age:

Next Dylan drops some info I wasn’t aware of going in –


“And at 20 years old!” 

✋ 🛑

K, what? Picking my jaw up off the floor, as I come to the realization that I’ve been smoking weed longer than Noah’s been alive 🤯. 


“I know, I know. It’s 🤪 crazy! I can’t wait to see what you’re doing at 30, man. –” 

As Mike says this the trendy ‘by age 30′ meme jumps into my mind, and a recent post by @InDaIndica (great follow) on 🐦Twitter. His version:

Why am I sharing this? Check the replies and you’ll see the majority of responders claiming they could not in fact roll a functional joint by age 30 or they still can’t. 

I give myself a Barry Horowitz pat ✋✋✋ on the back –

(while simultaneously dating myself with the reference), knowing I could at least roll at Noah’s age. 

Mike continues:

You have ten more years of learning and dialing the crops in, it’s going to be unreal because rumors of the three pound per 💡 light already is crazy, y’know, I remember growing up, I’d be 🙂 happy if I could hit one and half-two (😆 laughs) . So, you’re well above and beyond!”

Lights and Growing Medium

Mike next steers the conversation towards equipment and growing medium. These choices, no matter how small, affect how a crop turns out. 


“But yeah let’s talk a little bit about the herb actually. Tell us what are you growing in? What kind of 💡 lights you’re using –”

Noah says:

“Well, to start off we use two gallon bags of – we grow in coco [coir] (aka 🥥 fibre), pretty much. And we grow under these double-ended 💡 lights, they’re pretty warm actually and then we also have these 🔆 sun blasters in the room. The 🔆 sun blasters are like this 🔵 blue light spectrum and it hits like a springtime kind of light. And those double enders are meant for like August ♨️ heat pretty much. So that’s when you get most of your big buds growing, under those big double enders, pretty much”

Dylan asks:

“Do you like that? Do you like the other ones that dangle down? The 🔆 sun masters? Or do you like those a lot?” 


“We do, yeah, those help a lot definitely, and we shut them off like a little bit through flower, towards the end, just to kind of give them, like, that August ♨️ heat, like I said. But they’re good. They definitely help them –” 


“So if you guys were to do it again, would you add those to the next facility?” 

Noah says they would as Dylan continues:

“Because I’m looking at adding those into my place that I’m building because you guys have it so dialed in there so [there’s] something – it looks like whatever they’re (Jbuds) doing it’s just killing it” 

Mike concurs:

“Yeah, I was wondering, I had never actually – I hadn’t seen those before and they were kind of checkered, not even checkered there’s just a row in between normal 💡 lights, yeah” 


“Mmhm, yeah, those help. Those are really important I think” 

Mike considers the insight:

“Oh, okay” 


“And they’re 200 watt, those ones – or?” 

He gets 👍🏼 confirmation they are. 


“Yeah, they’re awesome” 


“So, what do you think they’re adding to the room that you were missing previous to having them in there?” 


“Pretty much, just in my mind it’s a 💡 light spectrum and more 💡 light overall. It just helps the plants when you bring them in there, makes them feel like it’s more of like a spring day, instead of like a nice ♨️ hot day” 

Facility Vibes


“Yeah, I’ve been to a lot of facilities and it’s gonna sound weird but your plants were extremely happy 🙂, they’re putting off a vibe of 🙂 happiness, man. And sometimes you go to places and man, maybe they’re pushing the feed a little and you can see that they’re starting to 😒 stress out and you can just feel that off of them, but –”

Dylan agrees:

“Yeah, no sign of that there at all”


“Really good vibes 😎 and the colas were like forearms, it’s going to be insane to try to get those into glass jars. We’ll leave that to Dylan, right?” 


“Yeah, that’s going to be tough. And it was just a resin on those buds like the resin, man the sap on there” 


“They look greasy. When you look at them they’re glowin” 


“Yeah, super greasy. Super good job, man. Cannot wait to get that in in the store here 👇–” 

Here as in the Heat + Herb ☀️Summerland store, specifically. We may stock cannabis from around 🇨🇦 Canada but three things Heat + Herb always prioritizes – Craft, Local, and Fresh. You can’t get more local than  🤝🏾  sharing a municipality 🙌🏾. 

🍊Orange Tingz


“The 🍊 Orange Tingz. Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. So, yeah – tell us a little bit about the strain. Like I know it’s one of the staples for 🚁 Pistol & Paris” 


“Yeah, y’know what? My step-brother over there (👉🏼 pointing off 📹 camera) Lance he’s part of 🚁 Pistol & Paris” 

Mike asks the crew to get a shot of Lance and the 📹 camera pans over to accommodate the request 

Mike says approvingly:

“So this the man responsible for the 🍊 Orange Tingz” 


“Yeah, he’s actually the guy that brought 🍊 Orange Tingz under the 🚁 Pistol & Paris brand. So, I came up and met these guys (Jbuds) and 👀 seen what they did and that and yeah I knew right away as a family ran business – I was very impressed as they had no growing experience prior to this and looking at the flower that they were putting out yeah its just, it’s turned into my staple strain now”


“That’s awesome” 


“Yeah, it’s been great” 

Buds’ Growing Experience

Mike brings up something I’ve been 🤔 thinking about since learning Noah’s age. 


“You just touched on something 🤪 crazy that was that there was no growing experience prior to this –” 


“Can you believe that?” 


“Yeah, like even the first if I’m not mistaken I believe it was the 🐵 ChimpMints, was your guys’ first drop, which is around the same time we were opening up Broadway there and it was quality herb. We had brought that in, I think it came in through Joint Venture then and yeah we were excited about your company we started 👀 looking into it a little more and then all of a sudden you guys grew the 🍊 Orange Tingz and 🚁 Pistol & Paris comes out with it and I think it was a game changer”


“You guys were into that for about a year I think experience wise and –or maybe even a little bit less” 

Setting the Bar/Living Up to Expectation


“Just to see the progress from the 🐵 ChimpMints to the 🍊 Orange Tingz, it’s like, y’know there’s it was a decent 🅰️🅰️🅰️ trip, like the 🐵 ChimpMints it was good weed um but you’re now on the 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad level – and the thing is people expect it out of you everytime now, right?”


“Like no pressure now. You guys have set the bar really high ☝️ now” 


“So when people open that jar they’re going to want to 👀 see – one or two or maybe max three nugs in there. They’re gonna be the nice 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad cola nugs the we just seen now, so yeah just watching you guys dial it in and two years of experience how far you’ve been able to come is really unreal, so it’s just like more exciting for what’s going to come right in the next-next couple of years, yeah so that’s exciting uh totally lost my 🚂 train of thought, good thing these guys are going to edit this –”

The group 🤣😂😅 laughs. 

Gary w/ the 🐔 📝 Chicken Scratch 

Mike looks down at some notes and says to Gary (Heat + Herb Summerland GM) who is off screen:

Man, Gary! You got the worst 🐔 📝 chicken scratch, bro! Whhaaaat? What does this even – what does this even say man Jeez? 

We pan to Gary off camera who says something I can’t make out but he gives a double peace salute ✌️✌️


“I-I knew it all in the 🚘 drive up, now I’m confused looking at it like ‘okay, what the heck 🤦🏾?'”

Gary continues to speak off 📺 screen. Still don’t understand, but from Dylan and Mike’s reactions it was witty and smart (Gary I’ll send you my Venmo). 

Dylan laughs 🤣 before suggesting they:

“Type it out next time” 

Buds’ Biggest Challenge After Being Licensed  


“Yeah, no – one thing that I was kind of interested in – from a micro standpoint what would you say was the biggest challenge post license? So, obviously getting the license is pretty epic, that’s a    🗻 massive accomplishment in itself, but after being safe, you’re twelve 🗓️ months in, what would you say was your biggest challenge?” 


“Well, everything was a new experience, so like everything we did was new and with new experiences comes a pretty ↗️ steep 🎓 learning curve in terms of ↘️ falls along the way. We’re pretty happy because we’ve never lost a crop” 




“Yeah, that’s great, man, just in its own, there’s uh – I didn’t mean to cut you off either, but I’ve worked with some other guys too and they’ve lost two or three crops, due to PM (powdery mildew) or low THC, and y’know all of these other things so that’s great that you guys have not lost any crops and growing the 🔥 fire”


“Yeah totally and yeah some other things is – I find it’s kind of hard to find people that are genuinely interested in cannabis and want to show up and be at work everyday but we found some really good people in the industry and made a bunch of good 🤝🏼 friends, pretty much”


“That’s amazing” 


“It’s pretty much about the people you got around you” 

Mike agrees emphatically:

“💯%, 💯%. Very well said, that’s what I remember most from my time in the cannabis space whether it was legacy or legal it’s 💯% about the 🤝🏾 relationships you build, y’know? The cannabis is just the glue that brings you all together and if you’re all  gravitating towards that and just the respect and 💚 love of the plant then you’re only going to have good people around you, right? And like I said, you can tell with the ⚡ energy in your grow room that it’s people that are working there putting in the care and yeah it’s pretty awesome.”

Working in cannabis, I gotta agree with all of that. 


Mike Gives His Product Pitch


“I’m always asking about the hash rosin. I’m dabbing all the time now, I’m getting the heady glass pieces and I just want to know – because everything I literally smoke as an eighth, I’m like ‘how would this taste as a nice live-rosin?’ That’s where my 🧠 brain is instantly going. So we were over at the collector’s cup 🏆 put on by CannaReps – shout out to CannaReps and Adolfo and everyone over there, they put on a wicked event where we were doing some blind tasting and trying to figure out what strains were what without any of the packaging or knowing what was what. They had a rosin press there open to the public, so like always I had an eighth of 🍊 Orange Tingz on me, I was like ‘I gotta go take this over to this guy” so he’d drop it over at the press there, and then I totally forgot about it, because we’re blind tasting herb so it was probably we smoked like, y’know – six, seven different types of herb and the 🌃 night was gone. About a week later I opened my glove box and the 🍊 Orange Tingz eighth’s sitting there, and I thought it would be, an eighth [of bud], and I open it, I was like ‘Holy shit! There’s rosin in here, this is amazing!‘. Open it up, my 🚌 van instantly reeks like 🍊 orange peels. Like I just opened an 🍊 orange I’m like ‘man, this needs to be dabbed instantly’. So, I don’t know if you guys are thinking about it or haven’t ever not thought about it, or you’re – if I can nudge you in a 🧭 direction, if you’re getting into some type of processing – start doing some live rosin. And like the gear – What the market is missing is 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad 🔥fire gear, being put in to create 🔥 fire rosin, right? 🔥 Fire hash.”

Noah agrees:

“For sure” 


Mike continues:

” – Right now, there’s some companies, they’re doing a really good job, but I don’t believe they have 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad in, 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad out, right?. It’s y’know, there’s some low end 🅰️🅰️🅰️ trips and it-it just shows it’s the one area that is still growing. I think there’s a massive place for people who are still using legacy concentrates, especially the hash/rosin folks, to come over to the legal, that’s the biggest market that we haven’t captured yet, I think 🤔. We’ve captured a lot of the flower, the convenience of pre-rolls, but that hash/rosin market is there for the grabbing”

🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad concentrates? 

Challenges w/ 📷 Instagram & Legal Restrictions



“I think we were talking earlier about that, because that’s something that interests me too. Is there 💵 money, like, with BC in that or whatever province you’re in, is it 💰 lucrative to squish a bud and do that with it – versus putting it in a jar and selling it that way – or?”



Because we legally can’t talk about price specifics during the broadcast, it’s been censored in the 📺 video. So, anytime a price is mentioned, that censored portion is replaced with a “🚨” for the purpose of this recap. 



“Definitely a very good question, I would have to go a little backwards on the math and figure that out and then see kind of what your guy’s costs are already, but I would say that, for us at Heat + Herb, we have a couple of price points that we don’t like to go over so if it’s like the most 🔥 firest of live rosin, like $🚨 is our max and then our average would be like $🚨 a gram. It’s kind of what we’re retailing it for, and then for our eighths we don’t really go over $🚨 dollars, if it’s feasible, like we – even the 🍊 Orange Tingz – it’s a 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad and I think it’s like 🚨 bucks at our store, right? So we try to have fair pricing, it kind of goes back to our legacy days. You can come to Heat + Herb and get a $🚨 eighth. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to have to cut all this because I’m not allowed to talk about pricing. (laughs) I can’t tell my customer how much he can buy something for. (speaking to the 📹 film crew) You could make it funny and you could literally just 🚨 beep it all out. You could just do something. But like I can’t even put an ad out saying ‘🚨% off – Come visit my store'”



“Really, eh?” 



“I can just say ‘hey, we’re open’. But like yeah, even if I want to put something on 📷 Instagram and I’m on next to my flower cart and I make a nice 📺 video of it and the pricing shows. Y’know what? I’m getting in trouble for that.”



“It’s not compliant or –?” 


Mike confirms:

“Not compliant, yeah we’re not allowed to entice anyone to come into the store and by showing them the pricing –” 



“That seems 🤪 crazy to me that they’d be so strict with that” 



“You can go into a 🍺🍷 liquor store and they’re literally giving you samples of booze now. You can take a 🥃 shot, and go pick what you want. Nothing’s in behind the protective case” 


“Yeah, I wonder why it’s like that with cannabis, y’know or when it’s going to change? Because right now, it’s just so backwards, I mean it’s so difficult for us moving around trying to establish ourself or y’know like having an 📷 Instagram. Having a 📺 video showing a price tag, I mean everybody’s gonna entice, what are you going to do? You’re gonna get a thousand people show up all of a sudden buying it because, y’know you showed the price? It makes no sense.”



“Especially for someone in your position with – who’s  built this amazing brand that people identify with and like they identify quality cannabis with that – it’s gotta be difficult living in that 📷 Instagram 🌎 world where that’s your main portal to communicate with people –” 



“I agree, that’s huge”

♾️ Meta, the company behind Facebook *shudders*, and 📷 Instagram is notoriously anti-cannabis, even in countries where it is legal. It’s a constant battle for brands and members of the 🇨🇦 Canadian cannabis industry and greater community. From shadowbanning and suppression within the algorithm, to complete post and account deletions, it’s a delicate tightrope act. 


“We, we were open for three weeks and we had our 📷 Instagram shut down” 


“I’ve had mine shut down too. And when you have it shut down it really feels like you’ve lost that 🤝🏼 lifeline to the consumers, to the retailers, to everything, like it was, we lost ours with I think around 5500 followers. Luckily 🍀 we got it back up within a week, but it was like, that is a big tool for me, y’know getting out to guys like you, and retailers and consumers and that or getting to Ontario, letting consumers that don’t know there that we’re doing a drop into that province. Y’know it’s so frustrating what happens with it but 📷 Instagram and social media – that’s everything right now”


“Yeah, yeah for sure. Same thing with us, we were up three weeks [taken down] and then it took us six weeks to get it back. They were gonna give it back to just the name without any of our followers and then we had to keep pushing and they gave us all our followers back”


“So you guys actually got through to somebody –” 


“Yeah, we used a third party and it was the second or third party that we actually used for that” 


“Did you have to 💵 pay for that?” 


Yeah. We 💸 paid for that, man” 


“That’s not cheap either, is it?” 


“Noooo. But uh yeah that’s just y’know anytime I talk about cannabis it always ends up in talking about 📃 regulations that suck, but that’s the name of the game, right now – we work our ways around it y’know and it, we do the best we can.”

What Mike says is so true. Most industry conversations will eventually lead to discussing the impediments and regulations which constrict the growth and sustainability of the industry. Click here to read my interview with Janeen Davis (Director of Sales for Joint Venture Craft Cannabis) where she shares her thoughts on (among other subjects) how best to tackle industry lobbying.

Pistol & Paris’ Future Plans 


I wanted to touch base with you Dylan on some exciting things happening in your realm of the world there and I seen on actually 📷 Instagram, you did a nice little 🚁 flyover of your spot there, yeah, so where’s that and what’s going on with that project?”



“Yeah, so I just went through – about a year ago I went through the process of rezoning my legacy property that I have of 10 acres out there. My dream out there was to build a micro, y’know to grow my own cannabis out there and also do my own processing out there. So we got it all rezoned after – it was a painful kind of fight going through it to get the rezoning. We were told they would never re-zone it or they wouldn’t look at it for up until like the next three years, they’ll look at it then. But we ended up getting it all passed through and then since then we just started clearing all the land we’re just waiting to submit for a building permit and then it’s 🟢 go time, yeah”



“Nice, so have you got any specs on the building – how big are you guys going? There’ll be some grow rooms in there – ” 



“Yeah, yeah, I’ve got – it’s actually designed just like their place (pointing at Noah & Bob)” 


“Oh, nice. So it’s going to be a perfect environment there. Sweet” 



“Yeah, exactly. Well, we want to do the best, right? Yeah, so it’s really exciting getting that going and I’m going to be doing a lot of the processing there too because getting to market is huge for me too and not getting jammed up with other brands that are trying to get their stuff processed and that, so –”


“For sure, you control your destiny even more now. You’ll get product fresher to us, it’ll be a win-win all around. It’s going to be huge for the industry, man. It’ll be great for BC, man. I love how you support BC Growers and even if you get it to us a couple weeks sooner than it’s coming now –”


“It makes a difference.”


“Big time” 


“Also like getting re-ups and stuff like that or replenishments. My stuff sells out generally pretty quick and then by the time I get a re-up and I get a load back in and 🚚 delivery into the province – it takes a while because these other processors are processing a bunch of other guys products. So, by me being in full control of that now, we’ll speed that process up too because I hate, y’know, selling out within a week and then I’m not loaded back in for five weeks, y’know it sucks for you guys, you guys have to tell customers that walk in that y’know ‘right now we’re out of it but it’s gonna be back in at a certain date’  📅 and so it’ll really like having it all under one roof will really be a huge thing for 🚁 Pistol & Paris”


“Mmmhmm, it’s really a big 🎲 guessing game for us right now like when we’re re-upping on product, we’ve been at it for almost a year now at Broadway and about three months in Nanaimo. So we have dialed it in quite a bit, but it’s a 🎲 guessing game of okay, buying the right amount, so that when your next drop comes, y’know, I’m sold out, but I’m not sold out three weeks before the next drop, right? So we’re getting better at that and just making sure we’re not overloading or under loading and just finding the ⚖️ balance because you start to figure it out with the province as well, y’know? People will tell me like ‘hey I 🚛 shipped into the province, I should be dropping any-any day now’. And I know there’s gonna be another delay, like the prob – sometimes it’ll be three weeks after they told me it’s dropping, that it actually drops, right? And there’s unforeseen delays but yeah man, I’m totally hyped for your spot, that’s amazing. 🎊 🙌🏾 Congratulations, getting this far – I know it’s not easy dealing with the city of Abbotsford, from personal experience as well, so it’s amazing, man”


“Well, you’re right down the 🛣️ road from where I live there, and I know the challenges in Abbotsford. And y’know what? Any city or municipality and that, it’s its really challenging y’know to have these things and then y’know passed forward to where you can do this build of a micro, y’know which is really too bad, it just really makes it hard for guys like me or guys like you or guys transitioning over, that have these hundred 💡 lighters going in their barns and all that that are still ‘legal’ ⚕️ medically or whatever now, guys want to go over and do the right thing and do it legally and the cities are shutting you down, so it’s really, really frustrating”


“And the cities, municipalities are literally the gatekeepers to the cannabis industry. And the same is true for us retailers as well, like we were at the mercy of the municipalities, Surrey the second biggest city in BC has zero retail stores. They don’t allow any and it makes no sense 🤷🏾‍♂️. Richmond – 0️⃣ zero retail stores right now, right? You go to a place like Abbotsford, they’re capping out at only four stores. They’re the third largest city in the province”


“Yeah, that one makes no sense 🤷” 


“Exactly, it makes no sense 🙄” 


“And then there’s small towns that have 🔟 retailers in them” 

That’s a great segue into our next topic –

Heat + Herb ☀️Summerland 


“Exactly. We’re excited for this opportunity in ☀️Summerland. We think, we have a very curated menu, we’re proud of what we put forth for our guests that come in and all the customers that come in, they – I can be safe and know that hey man someone’s gonna get good herb no matter what they 🛒 buy because we’re so strict on what we put out, y’know we might only have between 32 to 38 strains available and they’re going to be the best 32 to 38, and it’s going to be the best of the $🚨 eighth – damn, talking about prices again (laughter 😆). The best on the lows, and the best of the highs as well, um yeah I’m yeah anything else you guys want to touch on? I think we, I got most of what I was thinking that I can 👓 read (🐔📝) of here anyways. Any last words? Anything you want to say to the folks out there in the cannabis community?”


Noah shakes his head but asks his father:

“Do you have anything to say? 



“I’m excited for your shop to open” 


“Thank you” 


“I’m excited to see our 🍊 Orange Tingz in here 👇🏻” 


“It’s gonna be awesome, we’re literally – Gary and Andy here are gonna be running the shop. They live right up the street and they’re a one minute walk from your facility” 

The 📹 camera pans over to where we can see the Sidhu brothers. 

Mike continues:

“I already had 📱 text messages from both like ‘I want to work here. I want to work -‘ I’m like ‘who’s going to run the shop, man?’ (laughs). They both want to work at your spot they just 💚 love the facility and it just goes to one – the vibe and ⚡energy you guys have like, cannabis people are 🧲 attracted to your ⚡ energy, I felt it instantaneously after talking to Noah for like three minutes, I was like ‘these are the people who I want to do business with’ and really proud to carry your guys’ product and look forward to carrying more of it”


“Yeah, that’s great, yeah” 

Mike clasps his 👏🏾 hands as he says:

“Thanks guys” 



They all shake 🤝🏾  hands as Mike thanks Dylan for putting the tour and interview together. 

Pre-grow Room:

We dissolve into a scene from earlier that day outside of Jbuds’, signaling we’ve reached the facility visit portion of the podcast. The crew follows Noah as he leads them to the interior. 


Inside everyone has been garbed out in protective jumpsuits, head and/or beard covers 😷 and blue gloves 🧤


Mike and Dylan are standing in a nondescript room and we hear Noah off screen before coming into frame. 


Noah asks: 

“Does anybody want glasses 🕶️? It’s just going to be a little 🔆 bright in there” 

Dylan responds:

“I’m good” 


I think he’s got his 😎 own. 



“Okay, I always throw these 🕶️ guys on” 


Mike motions with his hands:

“Yeah, I might throw them on. I like to do a comparison (👓 vs 🕶️) sometimes. I can throw them (🕶️) over (👓) here, if that’s cool” 



“Oh yeah, I’ll get you a 🕶️ pair, just in case you want to throw them on. Lisa’s just getting the rest of the guys through decon(tamination), but we can get a look at Room 3 of the 🍊 Orange Tingz”


As they begin to walk towards the grow room Dylan says to Mike:

“Jamie from Sessions – they were here too. They did something with us.”



“Oh, nice” 


Dylan continues by asking:

“I don’t know if you’ve seen that 📺 video –” 



“No, I haven’t seen that one yet” 

Entering the Grow Room: 

A thick 🚪 door opens to reveal the grow room. Noah leads as Dylan and Mike follow him in. 



“Heeeey. There he (Bob) is hiding in the grow room” 


“This is where I’d be hiding too man! Niiiice” 



“Yeah, this is the room to hide in right now” 


And we get our first glimpse at the magnificent 🍊 Orange Tingz!

We see the 💡 lights above and their hanging cables, as described by Noah earlier in the 🎙️ interview. There are at least 8 black metal fans adorning the walls of the room, and they seem to be evenly distributed. 


A 🟩 green sea of cannabis plants lays before them. The plants seem minimally spaced, but not crowded. They are divided by intersecting checkered wire strung between support posts. The plants are “potted” in bags on large rolling tables which can be shifted to create🚶walkways. Although lifted a few 🦶 feet off the ground, there are several colas extending above Mike & Co.’s heads. 

Coco Coir Growing Bags: 

Noah rolls one of the carts to create more space. 


Mike asks:

“Is that a coco (coir aka 🥥 coconut fibre) mix? 


Noah leaning as he adjust the rolling cart again:

This 👇 is cocoa bag yeah” 



“Yeah-yeah-yeah, nice” 



“I’m just starting [getting into] using this stuff too, you can see it in one of the 

📺 videos we got” 

Hang Dry Length + Flushing: 


“WOW! The 👃🏾 nose 🍊 is just 🤪 nuts!” 



“Yeah, it totally is!” 



“Ho-lee – can you imagine this as fresh frozen [rosin] ?” 


Dylan after squeezing a cola:

“Hey, those are effing solid too!” 



“They get really hard” 

Mike squeezes a bud:

“Nice. How long do you guys hang[dry] for after? 



“We hang them for two weeks. Two weeks, yep. Sometimes we cut it a little short if we got a ✂️ trim coming up, but usually like 12 – 14 days. 


Mike noddingly approves:

“Nice, nice”


Dylan turning attention to the crop before them:

“It looks  beautiful” 


Noah in agreement says:

“Totally. I 💚 love the look of this crop” 


Mike as he grabs a large top cola:

“WOW! Look at this sucker! So, you got about another week on it, eh?” 


Noah nods saying:

“Yeah, just over a week. We started our flush a couple of days ago” 


Mike switches to his tinted 🕶️ glasses as supplied by Noah and scans his surroundings, before removing them again, then asks:

“For your flush, are you using just straight 💦 water only – PH 💦 water, that’s it?” 



“Yup, PH 💦 water pretty much” 


Dylan while filming a quick phone clip asks Mike: 

“Is that not impressive?” 



“Yeah it’s solid. It is very impressive man” 


Dylan as he grabs a large cola:

“Like look at this” 



“That’s 😜 nuts! 



“Oh yeah, they’re solid!” 


Mike pulls out a Heat + Herb (get yours in-store!) branded regular Bic sized lighter, to use as a scale for size comparison. He holds it up to the bud and says:

“I gotta get a comparison shot, man look at that thing! Yeah just for size reference – it’s like two effing lighters man 😂. ” 



“Totally, it’s 🤪 insane! and they just keep growing” 



“Yeah the colas just blew up man!” 


They walk towards the other side of the room in single file as a group. Passing between the rows they created when they  shifted the rolling carts. They stop again to look at the plants. 


Dylan as he grabs another fat cola:

“This here 👇 is definitely the fattest I’ve ever seen them” 


“Nice. Yeah and with this crop we ended up just going maybe like 6 📏 inches to a 🦶 foot taller and it just kind of – the buds got a bit bigger. We de-leafed up a little higher as well, just to get more ⚡ energy –” 



“Did you do that on purpose then? 


Noah nodding:

“Yeah, yeah. Because it was our last crop we wanted to go big.”

Mike seems to be 😵‍💫 mesmerized by the bud commenting you could lose ⌚ time just staring at it as he again holds up the lighter as a size gauge. 


Dylan and Mike talk about social media shares of past crops of 🍊 Orange Tingz where the whole 8th would be one bud. Noah has had people send him the pics. Dylan discloses that it can be difficult getting some of the large buds in jars. Which as ‘problems’ go, is a pretty positive one to have. 

Packaging, Dylan’s Preference for Jars: 

Next they get into a discussion about packaging, and bring up some interesting viewpoints. It’s another subject I was able to touch on during my interview with Janeen Davis of Joint Craft Cannabis. You can find that here for a contrasting perspective on the matter. 



I’m so glad it’s in jars. It might have a little bit of a 💳 charge that comes with it, but they don’t get squished – you don’t need flat nugs. Because this stuff (motions towards the plants) is still curing, right?”


Mike believes jars protect the product better, and allow for a better environment while it ages, and cures further in the package:

“Bags are just squishing it – then I’m 🤔 thinking to myself then ‘did these guys rack dry this? Why is one half of the nugget flat?’ The first thing I’m thinking is they’re rack drying. And I’m like ‘yeah, I dunno about that’ and then you realize it’s the effing bag man. It’s just squished the nug –”



Everybody’s carrying the bag though, man



“You gotta have those ones that do the little nitrogen shot in it and it puffs open. Organnicraft –” 



“Are they doing that?” 


Mike continues and says emphatically:

“Yeah, and it totally works” 



“But for that high end –” 



“It’s gotta be glass” 



“For that high end brand, and that high end bud I put in there, it’s really gotta be glass for me, I get it –” 







“People are saying, it’s not because of the 💵 money, that they’re going to the bag, but at the end of the day man, it’s about the 💵 money because every 10¢ or 20¢ you save per gram adds up. You’ll never 👀 see  me [switch] – I’ll always have a glass jar.”



“Yeah, that’s awesome” 



“Putting the 🔥 fire in it, I mean I don’t care I’ll make less 💰 money – but that’s really important [to us as a brand]” 



“I agree with you. I feel weird selling something at our highest price tier if its not in a glass jar”



“It’s disappointing almost” 



“It’s gotta be – if you want to be a 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad – these guys (Noah & Bob) are doing the work and putting in the time, research, adjusting their grows to put this 👉🏾🔥 out – then you gotta do your part, right? And your part is making sure the product stays the way they want it until it 🚚 gets to my 👐🏾 hands. And on the glass jars, really when you have a 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad, just treat it like a 🅰️🅰️🅰️🅰️ quad, man. And people 💳 pay for it. I know it’s tight margins everywhere but just [for] the integrity of the product, it’s huge. That’s why we 💚 working with you, we 💚 love buying your gear. You have that integrity, you have the same as us, man and just walking into this place, just feeling the vibe and just how 🧼🧹 clean and immaculate everything is – your canopy is just unreal”

Jbuds Quality Level with Less Than 2 Years Experience: 


Dylan concurs:

“It’s a great vibe in here, helluva job” 



“Yeah, I like hanging out in this room, it’s a nice room”



“Yeah man, really great zen⚡energy in here. I’d like to 🔥 light a fat cannon, man” 



“Mike, what blows me away, and Noah too – 👉🏼 you guys (Jbuds) have been growing cannabis less than two years. And it doesn’t run in the family, they are effing brand new growers. You guys are growing, in truth, just as good or better than the high end growers I know in the legal space. You guys are killing it! Very impressed!”


Noah humbly says:

” Well, thank you. Yeah well, we 🎓 learn with every crop pretty much, y’know? We’ve grown enough 🍊 Orange Tingz crops that we know we flip them at this height to get them up here 👆🏼, and we got to ✂️ de-leaf up to here. So, it’s like you gotta work with the plants a little bit and there’s always new stuff to learn pretty much. Every single one of these strains are different, so you can’t treat them the same.”


Mike in concurrence:

” 💯% agree, man. The best growers I know are just like what you said there, they’re humble and they’re willing to learn from the plant”



“Yeah, totally” 



“And they’re open minded and then their plant respects that too, right? And reacts accordingly” 


Noah nods in agreement:

“It’s fun – it’s fun to learn, I like it. And y’know I’m so new to it too, so it’s easy for me to absorb new things because I don’t have any prior knowledge, pretty much” 



“That’s awesome, great work man” 


Mike, Dylan, and Noah get in some fist bumps 🤜🏾🤛🏼, as Mike thanks the two of them, before Mike states the obvious:

“Let’s go  smoke some weed and chat a bit” 



“Yeah totally down, super down” 


And now my fellow travelers, we have come full ⭕ circle, as this is the session from before the 🪑 sit down 🎙️ interview began. 

Outside Session:

Now outside, Mike’s got some nice colored glassware 


We get some outside  📹 shots and meet “X” on screen for the first time (who works for 🚁 Pistol & Paris – highlighted by his hat) 

X says (as he is passed a small glass container holding some BIG brand concentrate diamonds):

“I’d take a dab but I gotta take the 🚁 helicopter (💪🏻) back with Dylan and I effing hate flying, so I don’t want, y’know to lose my shit, but damn.” 


X holds it to his 👃🏻 nose and smells it before handing it back to Andy who asks:

“That smells good, eh?” 



“A 🤏🏻 little one, okay maybe a 🤏🏻 little one” 


Andy, and X both laugh 😂🤣. 


X animatedly says:

“Just when I thought I was out – they pull me back in!” 



“He’s like, ‘alright you could twist my rubber arm’!” 



“Okay a rather 🤏🏻 small one –” 



We cut to Mike 🔥 torching up his rig, and Noah leaning forward to take a dab. Mike works the dab around as Noah takes a long inhale, before blowing out a trail of smoke. They repeat the process as the program ends. 



Thank you for continuing to join us on this journey as we showcase BC’s top micro producers. A huge thank you to both Pistol & Paris, and Jbuds Cannabis for the hospitality and access. If you haven’t already checked out the full episode, you can find it, past episodes, and select clips via our YouTube channel. For all other relevant links hit up

Next stop on 🚘 The Highway is Oliver, BC where we visit 🍍 Pineapple Buds! 

Until then – stay 🔥 lit! 

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